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Recent Articles From ACT

  • Data Breaches Up Significantly In The First Half of 2017!

    Hackers expose 12.4 million American's private information in the first 6 months of 2017 and 60% of those included Social Security Numbers! There have been 791 major data breaches in the U.S. tracked in the first half of 2017, a record high, according to a recently released report from the Identity Theft ...

  • New Ovidiy Stealer Malware Swipes Your Credentials Quickly

    Catalin Cimpanu of Bleeping Computer reports that a Russia-speaking malware developer going by the name of "TheBottle" has started selling a new infostealer malware with the name of Ovidiy Stealer. This new malware strain is offered for sale starting at just $7. It’s low price is because the malware isn't ...

  • Iowa Hospital Exposes Patient Records online and doesn't figure it out for ALMOST 2 YEARS!

    University of Iowa Hospital post 5,300 patients' PHI online and doesn’t discover it for nearly 2 years July 13, 2017 Somehow, the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics mistakenly posted online the names, admission dates and medical record numbers of about 5,300 patients.  This is obviously a major HIPAA Patient Records ...

  • How Overturning Net Neutrality Will Impact The Average Internet User

    Overturning Net Neutrality could change the way you use and enjoy the Internet Think that the Trump Administration attempt to end Net Neutrality won’t impact you?  Think again!  Internet providers, if left unchecked, will have the ability to block or interfere with Internet sites and services that compete with their ...

  • Zero-Day Attacks and Zero-Day Vulnerabilities. What are they?

    What's all this rumbling about Zero Days?  What does it all mean for me? By Scott Hoffman When it comes to “zero-days,” there is a lot of confusion in terms of both their definition and their priority. At ACT Network Solutions, we follow the industry-standard term of “zero-day attacks.” It refers ...

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