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Free Report - Disaster Planning Essentials   ACT specializes in IT network management, security, data backup and recovery and HIPAA compliance.

Network Security Shouldn't be Scary
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ACT takes the Confusion out of
HIPAA Compliance

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DataVault Managed Backup
takes the guesswork of out backups
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ACT & IBM make Mobile Management
A Breeze!
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Complete Network Managment

IT Security & Assessments

HIPAA Compliance Management

HIPAA Risk Assessments

Malware Protection

Cloud Hosting Services

Call us today for a free consultation and we'll show you how we can save you time and money without risking the safety of your business! 

HIPAA Compliance Webinar
HIPAA Help Center

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Thinking About
Moving To The Cloud?

It can be complicated and not as easy
as some providers would have
you believe.  Let ACT make sure
you have a safety net
before you make the leap!

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Data Disaster White Paper

"Anatomy of a Data Disaster"
Everything looked alright . . .
until it all went wrong!
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