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Recent Articles From ACT

  • Office 365 Not As Malware-Proof As You’d Expect

    Nearly 10% of e-mail delivered to Office 365 mailboxes are spam or contain phishing exploits Microsoft should be the expert on malware protection according to popular wisdom but that’s turning out not to be the case.  Their Office 365 product is surprisingly vulnerable to spam and malware.  Kelly Sheridan of Dark Reading ...

  • The Latest Wi-Fi Exploit - KRACK

    Wi-Fi KRACK Exploit: What You Need To Know A newly discovered weakness in the WPA2 protocol mostly used by wireless devices could allow an attacker to read information that was previously assumed to be encrypted, provided the attacker is within the Wi-Fi range of the victim.  The KRACK weakness works against all ...

  • Hacking Tools For Rent - Malware for the Hacker Wanna-be!

     In a previous Blog Post we talked about Malware writers copying the marketing styles and delivery systems of mainstream software companies.  In today's post, we'll look at one interesting and popular malware product that's being used a lot lately.  It's offered on the Dark Web as a software as a ...

  • Ransomware Authors Copy Mainstream Marketing Techniques

    Ransomware Authors Copy Mainstream Marketing Techniques When I give talks about how ransomware has gone to a more traditional business model, some people look at me like I’m crazy and the concept of elements on the Dark Web resembling e-Bay and similar software as a service models just seem to go ...

  • Beware Of The New Defray Targeted Ransomware

    A new Ransomware exploiting Heathcare and Education is active. Here's the latest on the New "DEFRAY" targeted Ransomware The newly discovered Defray ransomware employs a more targeted approach than the usual “spray and pray” methods used by hackers. Reports say that Defray hackers are targeting healthcare, education, manufacturing, and technology organizations ...

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