Dell is well-known for the top-notch equipment and services it offers business users. Given this fact, it is no surprise that the company serves 95% of all global Fortune 500 companies, ten million small businesses, 200,000 medical professionals and every G20 government, along with hundreds of thousands of other customers. Even so, as most small business owners have already discovered, using the best IT equipment isn’t enough to guarantee that your business has the IT resources it needs to get ahead. That is why many business owners in the Collar counties are turning to ACT Network Solutions for Dell support and other important IT services.

What Does ACT Network Solutions As Your Chicago Dell Server Support Company Offer?

ACT Network Solutions has been in business for nearly three decades and specializes in serving healthcare, accounting and legal businesses in and around the Collar counties area. Here at ACT, we offer the following services:

  • Managed network services such as round the clock, real-time monitoring, live technical inspections, live and local help desks and speedy business recovery services.
  • DataVault data backup services that include file and folder back-up, server mirroring and cloud recovery
  • Cloud services to help you select the best cloud storage solution for your particular business
  • IT security services that include security and firewall management, HIPAA risk assessments, penetration and PCI compliance testing, and ransomware and malware removal and repair.
  • Breach investigation and remediation
  • Dark Web security sentinel services that include dark web threat alerts, compromised data tracking and reporting, supply chain threat monitoring and customer management
  • HIPAA compliance services such as PHI security, encryption and protection, risk assessments and training
  • Mobile device management, data segregation and remote tracking
  • Security training for business employees

How Does ACT’s Network Support and Other Services Make a Difference?

Just about every single small business relies on IT equipment to make sales, process customer information, manage company finances and inventory and more. Unfortunately, not every single small business has the funds needed to hire an experienced, full-time IT technician. Thankfully, companies no longer have to worry about finding an in-house IT professional because IT support companies can handle the job even better than a single employee would ever be able to.

IT Support Desk Assistance

IT support desks work round the clock, offering support and assistance whenever it is needed. The technicians working on your IT issues are overseen by managers from the IT company, enabling you to focus on other important business tasks. At the same time, your IT team won’t just work on solving problems that come up. They will also look for ways to prevent issues by upgrading old systems and switching over to new IT hardware and software to protect your valuable data from unauthorized access while making it faster and easier than ever for you and your employees to access, edit and update important files. It is also worth noting that IT support companies use only the best hardware and software programs for the job. You won’t have to invest in periodic IT upgrades as this task is handled by your IT support company.

IT Security Services

Experts note that a whopping 43% of all cyber attacks target small business owners. Unfortunately, nearly two-thirds of all business owners go out of business within six months of a cyber attack. It isn’t hard to see why as a data breach can cause a massive loss of consumer confidence in your business and even result in legal action against your company. Additionally, healthcare companies can face HIPAA-related fines as a result of a data breach.

IT companies use top of the line security software to prevent data breaches caused by malware, phishing attacks, viruses and/or ransomware. In fact, many IT companies start by providing a comprehensive security assessment to help a business spot vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach at some point in time. If a cyber attack does occur, a team of experienced IT professionals will address the situation, limiting loss of data and helping a business get its IT infrastructure up and running as quickly as possible.

Another very important service IT companies provide is employee training. Negligent employees and/or contractors are responsible for nearly half of all corporate data breaches in the United States; however, with proper training, employees can learn to safeguard company security rather than imperiling it. Employee security training is offered on an ongoing basis so that new employees can learn cybersecurity basics while experienced employees learn how to recognize and prevent newly-developed cyberattacks.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Solutions

Gartner magic quadrant solutions are, simply put, the very best answers to any given problem. That is why we at ACT Network Solutions only use IT solutions that are squarely in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

ACT Network Solutions doesn’t offer cheap services or deals. Instead, it focuses on providing the best possible equipment, systems, antivirus and firewall programs and more. ACT understands the importance of offering top-notch service and products that its customers can count on and so avoids cheap fixes that aren’t fully effective in providing customers with the fast, secure assistance they need and deserve.

Get in Touch for Top Quality IT and Dell Support

Are you looking for reliable Dell support and IT services in and around the Collar counties area? If so, get in touch with ACT Network Solutions at your convenience. Our technicians have many years of experience helping small business owners improve their IT set-up and we offer all the data storage and security solutions you need to successfully serve your customers long-term.