Looking for Experienced IT Consultants that Specialize in Accounting?

An accounting business is different from other commercial enterprises, isn’t’ it?

You have a lot more data than the average company, and your clients count on you to keep that data safe and their business info confidential. Depending on the industries that you serve, your compliance requirements may make things even more complex.

We understand.

ACT has been helping accounting firms leverage cutting-edge, proven technologies to ensure security and compliance to legislative/industry requirements for more than thirty years.

We work with accounting firms across the collar counties, and we’d be privileged to serve your IT support needs.

Are You Tired of the Break/Fix Cycle of IT Support?

Tailoring always-on IT support for accounting offices and accounting firms has been our bread and butter for the lifespan of our company. Most of the time, firms come to us because they are tired of the big, surprise break/fix bills and the downtime associated with an on again off again model of IT repair.

Instead of waiting for your IT systems to crash, we help you stay ahead of the game by providing continuous IT maintenance, management, security, and operational monitoring.

Providing IT value is what we do.

Our three levels of Managed IT Services plans offer a full spectrum of IT support to meet your IT services needs and stay within your budget.

  • Essentials Package – the basic no-frills package – basic support + hours plus materials add-ons
  • Standard Package – the plan that has most of the features ofbthe premium but doesn’t include some advanced features or after-hours support
  • Premium Package – the all-inclusive plan that gives you 24×7 coverage for one flat fee

What Other High-Level IT Service Categories Does ACT Provide to Accounting Firms Throughout the Collar Counties?