How Good Is Your Current IT Guy, Really?

Is Your Relationship With Your IT Guy Not What You Hoped It Would Be?

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See if your current IT Support Team measures up to
what you should expect from a professional IT Service Provider.

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Name Business Email Phone Number

Does your current IT guy answer his phone by the 3rd ring?

Do they proactively monitor, patch and update your computers without being asked?

Do they monitor your systems 24/7 to detect and manage any potential problems or do they just react when something goes wrong?

Do you ever feel like your Computer Guy is nickel and diming you for every little thing?

Do they provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what you are paying for?

Do they thoroughly explain what they did to fix your problems at the end of a service call?

Do they guarantee the quality of their workmanship and back it up in writing?

Do they frequently exceed the time estimates that they provide for your projects and charge extra when they do?

Do they meet with you regularly about your future business goals and needs?

Do they offer flat-rate or fixed-fee project quotes, rather than giving themselves a wide open playing with "Time and Materials" quotes?

Do you feel that sometimes they're learning on the job using your equipment as their practice lab?

Does your Support Provider run regular security audits on your network and provide printed results to demonstrate that your network is secure?