Korea Olympics Hacked

Korea Olympics  HackedThanks to our friends at Barkly Protects, we’ve learned of a recent Malware attack at the South Korea Olympics.

Researchers have confirmed that a cyber-attack hit Olympic computer systems during the opening ceremonies on Friday. While information about the attack is limited, officials did acknowledge that some non-critical systems were affected by the attack.

Fortunately, damage was limited to non-critical systems but recovery still took roughly 12 hours. Organizers acknowledge that the attacker was operating with considerable knowledge of the Olympic infrastructure, which remains a significant cause for concern.

Researchers at Cisco’s Talos group say they’ve been able to identify the malware samples utilized in the attack. It also appears that the perpetrators behind this attack were able to utilize a variety of technical details specific to the Olympic systems, including usernames, domain name, server name, and passwords.
It appears that the purpose of the attack was not to steal information but to spread quickly and knock down as many systems as possible. People in the industry are calling this exploit “Olympic Destroyer”.