In the Barrington IL marketplace of 2018, your business’s information technology is central to operating efficiently and maximizing profitability. Today’s customers are known for rapidly clicking their way to any competitor who offers smoother searchability, information indexing, communications, transactions, billing, etc.. ACT Network Solutions provides small to medium-sized businesses in Barrington, IL and Chicagoland with the same full-scale IT support that enables big businesses to grow to the next level.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support for My Barrington, IL Business?

ACT outsourced IT service offers the full-scope IT management that an in-house IT department provides. Reliable, highly-experienced business IT professionals perform efficient installations and routine support for your business’s computers, servers, backup drives, network systems, integrated software platforms and applications, data storage, networked devices, and so on.

We manage all of your technology so that you can be free to focus on running your business. Having your own outsourced IT department maximizes your business’s efficiency and profitability. It also reduces overall IT costs and minimizes the serious risk of data loss and downtime from typical IT issues that so often impact small companies without proper IT support.

What are the IT Services ACT Network Solutions Provides?

Here are just some of the most important ACT Network Solutions services for your business:

  • Implement and manage multi-layered IT security
  • Correct EDI, OS, software platform and network integration issues
  • Manage data backup and perform data recovery
  • Monitor for and remove viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Hardware equipment and parts installation and repairs
  • Software installation and troubleshooting
  • Administrate Cloud solutions
  • Provide rapid Help Desk response and problem resolution
  • Provide computer workstation support
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Provide Microsoft Office 365 training and support users
  • Network programming
  • Implement and support virtualization technologies
  • Install structured cable systems
  • Mobile device tracking
  • Monitor IT systems and perform all routine maintenance

How Do I Know That ACT Network Solutions is the Right IT Support Service for My Business?

Information technology is still evolving. How can a small business keep pace with the continuing changes, as necessary to integrate properly with new technologies and methods? At ACT Network Solutions, we diligently keep our knowledge updated with all new innovations and advancements in the industry.

We’re committed to continual learning and to applying our learning to our clients’ IT needs. We have built our reputation and become industry leaders by always applying best practices and the most effective possible solutions to maximize business efficiency for our client companies.

What Do ACT Network Solutions Strategic IT Consulting Services Offer?

The ACT team does a lot more for our clients than repairing broken hardware, correcting typical network problems in northeast Chicago metro, monitoring and reporting. We also provide state-of-the-art strategic IT consultation, to help you enable your tech systems to accommodate growth to the next level for your company.

Every small company possesses vast untapped potential for generating new business. ACT’s business specialists are proven successes in identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities for our small and medium-sized client companies.

From supporting today’s most advanced online marketing tools to integrating your supply chain with your internal network—as you grow, we capacitate your IT to compete head-to-head with the biggest brands in your industry.

ACT Network Solutions IT Service Track Record

ACT’s professional IT services team has long been well known as the most reliable and resourceful IT company servicing Barrington, IL businesses. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing our region’s most advanced IT support services and strategic IT consulting for small to medium-sized businesses in the Barrington and Chicagoland area. We have maintained a strong track record of consistently fast response and tech problem resolutions, without data loss.

Our expert team’s deep commitment to continued learning and skills development, along with our company’s cutting-edge technology, tools and processes are really what have set ACT apart.

Customized Managed IT Services for Barrington IL Small Businesses

Experience has taught us that the unique operational characteristics of every business and its IT system require equally unique approaches to all facets of its IT services. So, ACT customizes services for each client’s business, to fit the special IT requirements of each. This anti-one-size-fits-all approach has made us exceptionally efficient in solving any IT systems issues your businesses ever has.

Our top priority is total IT systems monitoring and management, to identify and correct security vulnerabilities that can expose your business to external and internal threats.

Our major goal is to take identify every possible measure to optimize speed and efficiency of your network and user experience for your customers and employees.

Beyond our meticulous maintenance and optimization of your system, we look toward ensuring scalability of your IT system to meet projected growth of your business.

A Few Words About Your IT Systems Security and Virus Protection

Operating online has allowed modern companies to optimize operations and extend their reach, to enhance customers’ experience of their services. But, the unprecedented connectedness has brought ever-increasing risks to privacy of your business’s customers.

Poor cybersecurity strategies frequently lead to serious consequences that threaten the future of insufficiently protected smaller businesses. Hackers have long found smaller businesses attractive targets, knowing that they’re less likely to have effective security in place.

In other words, like every business, yours needs proper IT security and a backup plan that enables you to continue serving your customers without disruption, if your system crashes or is hacked.

You should only agree to work with a team that provides a detailed plan for security that includes prevention of disruptions, to ensure operational continuity in emergencies.

ACT prioritizes continual maintenance of a stable and 100% secure network for your business.

For More Information on Barrington IL Managed IT Services

For information about Barrington, IL computer services, contact ACT Network Solutions at (847) 639-7000 to schedule a no-obligation IT systems assessment, or see our website for a lot of good general information. We serve our clients in Barrington IL and throughout the Chicagoland metro area.