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ACT Managed Network Services

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ACT Managed Network Services
Over 29 Years of Proven Experience!

Managed Network Services From ACT
can reduce your IT overhead SIGNIFICANTLY !

Are you paying too much and getting too little for Managed Network Services from your IT Support Company?

Small and midsize business are increasingly reliant on IT technology and adopting ever more complex systems.  Let’s face it, with a constantly evolving IT landscape and the ever increasing demands on your time to run your business, it makes sense for you to use a trusted business partner to manage your IT resources so that you can focus on building your business.

It’s essential to have a support system that not only responds to external attacks and internal problems, but also actively seeks out potential problems and resolves them before they evolve from a possible risk to a certain danger.  Without our many years of experience, ACT Managed Network Services can identify issues and proactively resolve them before they become bigger problems.

IT Management Practices

Taking a proactive approach to managing the health of your IT infrastructure involves implementing various types of ongoing monitoring activities, which are mainly divided into two categories:

  • Round-The-Clock Real-Time Monitoring

    Our system monitors your network 24/7 identifying potential problems and alerting our technicians as soon as they are detected.  Our intrusion detection processes watches over your network for any signs on infection or suspicious activity that could lead to data loss or theft.

  • Live Technical Inspection

    Our support isn’t only an automated process.  We are blessed with some of the most experienced network engineers you’ll ever meet and they frequently inspect and adjust your network so that it performs at peak efficiency.

Live and Local Help Desk

All of our support services are local and you’ll interact with live experienced Help Desk staff to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.  Whether it’s a simple user problem with a program, an e-mail delivery problem or a complex server issue, ACT support personnel can resolve your problems faster than you’d ever imagined.

Rapid Response to Requests for Support

We recognize that when you have a serious problem that you can’t wait very long for it to be resolved. At ACT, over 90% of all requests for support are resolved within 1 business hour.  We also provide expedited support for network problems any time of the day or night whether it’s a remote support call or an on-site service call.

Fast Business Recovery In The Event Of A Disaster

We also provide expedited recovery services for clients whose business must be up and running all of the time.  We don’t just “loan you a server”, we commit to getting your business up and running no matter what the circumstance so your employees can continue to work.

No Long Term Contracts To Sign

Another way that ACT distinguishes ourselves from other Managed Network Services Provides is that we don’t make you sign long term contracts with big buy-out penalties.  Our agreements simply lay out all of the services we’ll provide for you, define our service delivery commitments to you and to guarantee your pricing for the term of the agreement.  If for any reason, circumstances change and you no longer need us, all we ask is 30 day notice and we’ll part friends.

We understand the importance of proactive and affordable Network Support.  Give us a call and we'll show you the difference dedication to customer satisfaction can make for your business.